Articles from the Clinic

A selection of articles we have written with information relevant to the patients we see in our clinic and our local area.          

Is my pet overweight?

Is my pet overweight? Unfortunately my answer is often yes. Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in cats and dogs we see. In Australia, 40% of dogs and 35% of cats are considered obese. ‘Obesity' is commonly used as a term for being overweight,

Pet Insurance – A Waste of Money or a Life Saver?

Pet insurance is getting a lot of promotion these days with many major players in the insurance industry now offering pet insurance policies. But is there any real value in it for you? Quite simply – yes. But, do some homework before you sign up

Arthritis in Pets

Arthritis is a common inflammatory joint condition which affects dogs, cats and people. It is a degenerative condition commonly caused by aging, but can also occur in younger pets due to joint injury or poor joint formation. Common symptoms of arthritis include pain, lameness, swelling

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